Friday, June 13, 2014

Upcoming Concerts

It's a good year for albums and it's also a pretty good year for concerts! I'll be attending four concerts in the latter part of the year which is a nice amount. I'll also try to post my impressions from each one here of course.

The first is coming up in a couple of weeks. I'll be seeing Septicflesh, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Black Crown Initiate (who?) and Necronomicon (awesome local black metal band) on June 27th. SEPTICFLESHGODAPOCALYPSE! I've seen Fleshgod once before when they opened for Wintersun. The show was pretty good but the sound quality ruined the whole thing. I could barely hear anything except for the guitars. It's a shame because they even brought a whole opera singer and I couldn't hear a sound she made. Here's hoping it'll be better this time. I've never seen Septicflesh so I'm really looking forward to them. I think their atmospheric style would translate really well to a live setting. Maybe even better than listening to it on an album.

Next one is all the way in September. On September 11th I'll be seeing Sonata Arctica, Xandria and Delain. I've actually never heard anything from the headlining band but I will soon be rectifying that. I don't usually go to concerts for the opening bands, but I've never actually seen any female-fronted symphonic bands live and I love both Xandria and Delain. I just don't know which band's shirt to buy! I guess I'll see what has the coolest design. There's also no tour poster yet for this one.

Then comes the epicness that is October 2014. On October 10th, Amon Amarth will be coming to Canada and bringing Sabaton with them. I've been wanting to see Sabaton live for years now and I've unfortunately missed the last two times they came here. There's no way I'm going to let anything stop me from going to this concert. And it's none other than Amon Amarth headlining! I've seen them once before when they did a double set right after Surtur Rising was released. It was one of the best concerts I've been to so that just adds to the excitement of this one. Even though Amon Amarth recently did a US tour, they completely missed Canada. Maybe they're apologizing for that.

Finally on October 29th the concert I'm most looking forward to will be happening. Arch Enemy is coming! I've been listening to Arch Enemy for longer than almost every other band I currently listen to but unfortunately I never saw them live with Angela. From what I've seen on Youtube though, Alissa does a great job covering the old songs and I'm looking forward to seeing the stuff from War Eternal. I've even got my copy of the CD in the mail currently. They'll be playing with Kreator, who I've actually never checked out, Huntress, who I saw a few years ago at Heathenfest and they weren't too band, and Starkill! I hope it goes without saying that I'm super excited to see Starkill again. They'll even be playing stuff from their new as-yet unreleased album!

It's going to be a nonstop year of action.

-Zombie Viking


  1. I wanted to point that Starkill is worth seeing but I see You already have seen them, we never talked about it :P I saw them this April when they backed Turisas, got their album signed + an awesome pic with the band, which was banging some polish girls after the gig (very hot girls, guys were lucky that night).

    Amons were totally rocking this year so a hell of a gig awaits for You, but don't be surprised if they won't play Asator, they didn't in Poland this year, but they played so many other awesome songs that I barely cared.

    Sonata Arctica and Delain are very important bands to me, I just hope You will like Delain live, haven't seen their gig since 2012 but they are the band I saw improving from mediocre to awesome in 2 years (comparing the gigs I saw from 2009 and 2011). Sonata after their last shit of an album may not be very appealing to You, they used to play kickass power metal before 2009 but now they play like rock/pop/metal thingy that is sometimes bareable, mostly not. But usually at least 40% of their set is made of good old material, so it might not be that bad :)

    1. Yeah Starkill was/is amazing! I saw them the second time Wintersun came here.

      I'm looking forward to Delain the most for that concert :P Though I'm hoping the other bands will put on a good show as well.

  2. The most amazing about Starkill was the vocalist asking 2 hot girls after the show "Hey girls, we are doing an afterparty tonight, wanna join and have group sex?" , that was really something I never saw before :D and both agreed, well, to be honest if I were a girl I would go too xD