Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Go Watch This Guy

I just recently happened upon this dashing fellow under the guise Happy Viking. Actually, it was posted on the Pathfinder facebook.. However, besides the fact that we share similar (awesome) pseudonyms, I definitely think Frothy Pint of Metal is worth checking out. This guy sort of reviews and sort of gives a history lesson on a variety of bands. And he's hilarious! Check it out. Or else.


  1. I also did by Pathfinder's page :P

    I haven't heard from You for a long time :D So many things happended since then, Stratovarius released an awesome album, I bought like 12 cds + a ticket for a King Diamond's show in May ^_^

    1. Haha, I've just been busy with school and stuff.

      I agree that the new Strato album is pretty awesome. And there's a few more albums getting released in March that I'm really excited about :D Like Gloryhammer's debut.

      And Ensiferum announced that they'd be in Toronto April 17th, which I found out that I can't go to :( I have an exam the next day.