Saturday, December 8, 2012

Forums are Not Metal

When it comes to metal discussion, forums just don't do. While looking for something to occupy my time with, I've checked out a few. MetalArchives and Reddit come to mind for what I've found. I'm sure there's others, and some official forums of bands (which may actually be better), but I don't really have a desire to look them up.

The problem is that there isn't really too much to discuss in terms of metal. You can state how awesome a band or album is, or experiences at a festival or.. something. But blogs are so much better suited for that! I would rather read a metal blog than have to drag through a boring online conversation. I'm not even sure why this is. You can talk about metal in person easily enough, comparing your favourite bands and concert experiences to someone else. Maybe it's the added emotion and ability to describe. And having less people in on the actual conversation. It's nice talking to just one or two people as its a more personalized story you're hearing. I can get an overview of a concert from an article or a blog post, I don't need twenty people fighting about if the band was good or not.

So in my opinion, if you're going to read about metal, check out a blog instead of a forum. Of course mine is highly recommended, but some of the more popular metal blogs (which can easily be found on google) have some pretty cool things that mine lacks, such as interviews with bands. I'm not going to name any names, because they probably wouldn't endorse me back, so find whatever suits you.

Stay metal.

-Zombie Viking


  1. I agree, reading some reviews on metal archives is also dumb, for example I really liked last Norther's album (well, vocals aren't great and songwriting is super simplistic but the rest is great for me) and most of metalheads hate it, as well as Sonata Arctica's Unia album, for me it's their most complex and musically advanced album..

    Anyway, I found out that before a concert is the best time to talk to metalheads about music, while everyone is excited about seeing the band live, last time on Dragonforce's show a guy went closer to me, looked at my Pathfinder's patch on my chest and strongly grabbed my hand (because of him I spilled half of my beer on the ground xD ). These things make me proud to be a metalhead :D

    1. Haha, you have the best stories :P

    2. All true ^_^ Wait, I forgot to tell you how on Sonata Arctica's show in 2009 in the climax of Don't Say a Word (when Tony sings "Unlike the last time here,
      I now have the means and a will sincere
      Your knight is nowhere near
      (Unfortunate for you, this makes me your God)") a bunch of technicans went onstage carrying plastic instruments and mocking the band so much that Tony stopped to sing ans started to laugh xD

    3. Haha, that sounds awesome. It reminds me of some of Sabaton's tour videos where the crew just mocks the band like crazy. There's one video where it's Joakim's (singer) birthday, and they make him do a bunch of crazy stuff.

  2. I told You once that I'm not into Sabaton but recently I found out some Van Canto songs and Primo Victoria sounds amazing with Joakim's vocals :D