Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ancient Bards

Here's a band that definitely doesn't have the recognition they deserve. Ancient Bards is a female-fronted folk/symphonic metal band from Italy. Check them out!

-Zombie Viking


  1. Didn't know that band earlier, nice mix of Power & Folk, I will check it out. Propably the first Italian Metal band that I will like, I'm not a big fan of Rhapsody or Firewind, even though I should be, because they are amazing Power Metal bands..
    Seeing Dragonforce in 8 days, also a very unknown polish band Chain Reaction. While I don't like most of their songs I find this one quite awesome

  2. ENSIFERUM, TÝR, HEIDEVOLK, TROLLFEST Confirmed For 'Paganfest America Part IV

    Holy shit I'm so jealous, check soon if any dates suit Your area, they are supposed to play some gigs in Canada. But Heidevolk, Ensiferum and Trollfest in one gig? Whoa, I'm so jelly xD

    I saw Dragonforce gig a few days ago, it was quite energetic, nice thing that there was nearly no space between the scene and the audience and some people could mess Herman's solos with their hands :D Also Chain Reaction played a very positive show, even though not a lot people liked the music it was fun, I've grabbed vocalist's hand ^^

    Funny that Marc had a piece of paper with some sentences in Polish and he said onstage that "he knows an asian from Hong Kong with a small dick that doesn't like girls" in Polish xDxD

    1. Yeah I think I might have to check that out, haha.

      Dragonforce was actually one of the first bands I saw live, but I think a concert with Marc would be so much better. I love venues where you can just reach out and touch the band, they feel so much more personal. I've only been to a couple, but they were pretty awesome!

      And why is all the polish that musicians know cuss words? XD

    2. Well, they are the most popular words :D Polish language has propably the most advanced vulgar words, you can combine them in many more ways than in English. Also they sound very powerful and full of emotions with hard sounding (a lot of r's included).