Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PSA: No One Cares If You Don't Like a Band

I'm tired of seeing people complain that a musician left a band. Stuff happens guys, people move around. It's basically the equivalent of complaining that someone switched jobs. Are you really expected to work at the same job for 20 years? Well that's what musicians do.

Yeah! Wait, what?..
Yes, Jari left Ensiferum and Petri is there now. That doesn't mean the band is now crap. It's a new band now with a new style. Petri may not be as skilled technically as Jari but that doesn't mean that everything he plays on guitar is terrible. Anette is currently the vocalist of Nightwish and she has been doing a great job. She sings in a different style than Tarja, which doesn't mean she's bad. If you want to listen to Tarja, listen to old Nightwish or her solo albums she started releasing. Nightwish is a new band now with new members. That means it should be looked at differently than their first few albums. And can everyone please stop complaining about Rafał and Krimh. It's very tragic what happened with Vitek and Covan, but Decapitated is and always will be an amazing band.

Seriously, no one ever complains when the bassist leaves.

-Zombie Viking


  1. As I recently wrote on my blog about Sonata, there are still comments like "I miss Jani D:" on Sonata Arctica's songs, it drives me crazy.. Nightwish also is a good point, but I really didn't like Anette's vocals at first, only Imaginaerum changed my mind, especially Storytime is very well sung by Anette, in a way Tarja would never do.

    And for Jari- shit is serious, Jari is a guitar mastermind, Petri will still have hard time to beat the legend :D It is not like in Sonata when the guitarists are kinda equal in skill..

    1. Jari and Petri may not be equal in terms of ability, but my point is that Ensiferum the band includes Petri. If people want to listen to Jari they can listen to Wintersun. There's no point in comparing Ensiferum with Jari and with Petri because they're essentially two different bands with different people in them.