Friday, September 21, 2012

Winter(sun) is Coming

That title was the best pun I ever made in my entire life..

So Wintersun is coming to North America for the first time ever. To promote their new album that took 8 years to make. I would love to go, as I'm sure a few of you understand. If I do go, you can expect a full in-depth concert review like I did for Korpiklaani/Moonsorrow/Tyr.

However, they're going to be in Toronto on December 13th, which is right in the middle of exam week for me. As much as I like Wintersun, I do potentially have the opportunity to see them again in the future. I don't have a chance to write another exam if I screw up. I don't have my exam schedule currently and I won't until a few weeks before it starts, so I can't say yet for sure if I'll be going to this concert or not. If I have a few free days around December 13th, you can expect to see me there.

I'll keep you guys updated for when I have an answer for sure.

-Zombie Viking

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