Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hair is Meant for Growing

I'm glad long hair is getting more mainstream. It's hard to walk around campus or even down the street any more and not see someone with awesome metal hair. Long hair even seems to be breaking in to genres besides metal; I've seen a few pop posters that feature guys with uncharacteristically long hair.

Picture semi-related
I'm not sure if metal is just more popular now or if people are getting lazy, but it is pretty cool to see. Luckily enough, this doesn't make it any harder to spot metalheads since fans of other genres haven't seemed to start growing their hair out just yet. It just makes me feel like there's people all around me that share my interests. In the past month alone I must have passed at least 5 guys with sweet Amon Amarth shirts. Now this is a trend I want to see continue.

How about you guys? Do you notice that you've started seeing a lot more guys with long hair recently? Or is this just a local phenomenon for me? Let me know!

-Zombie Viking


  1. Well it will never happen in Poland :D Though I see more metalheads or more likely kindermetalheads on the streets, propably due to first Metalfest in Poland this year. But in my country metalhead equals satanist in eyes of "normal" people so there are not many of us.. And if there are then trying to find a fan of folk or power metal is very hard, most metalheads here listen to trash or death metal. I have a Pathfinder,Stratovarius,Helloween,Blind Guardian,Hammerfall,Korpiklaani,Finntroll and Turisas's patches on my jacket and not many metalheads that I meet know these bands :D

    Oh, and my hair is always short, I don't like myself with a long hair (I have a bit of a nerdy face, you know) - I'm more like Falk Maria from Powerwolf this way xDxD

    1. I'm sure Behemoth being one of the biggest bands from your country doesn't help with that Satanist image xD It does sound like there's more and more metalheads there with the Metalfest and stuff. There aren't too many festivals here, and when there are they're usually 90% metalcore.

      I know how you feel, everyone here likes thrash, death or core. Though I have met a few people who appreciate good power and folk metal here and there. I've even seen Finntroll and more recently Korpiklaani in concert :D

      I've always had longish hair, though I decided to really start growing it once I got in to metal. It's down to the bottom of my shoulder blades now.

  2. No, it doesn't help with Behemoth here, well, it's worse than before because Nergal (Adam Darski) from Behemoth became a bit of a public person (got some fame in the media) and it did bad for the metal scene, well it's a long story.. Okay, I met some folk metal fans somewhere but power metal fans are very rare, when I saw a girl with a Hammerfall t-shirt I almost jumped out from the car :D Thank god (Dio) that I met a very few of those metalcore fans- one I did met was whining about how metal is going in a wrong way and only metalcore or deathcore is true.. If my friend wasn't there I would break his neck xD

    About hair- I did the opposite thing today and I cut my hair further- on Sunday I'm on Heidenfest in Krakow (12 hours on the train -,-) and I need to keep my hair short so I can wear my awesome viking cap with long hair attached without sweating my heart out :D

    1. Man pretty much every "metalhead" here likes metalcore, it's pretty ridiculous. The biggest metal festival was Heavy T.O. (or Heavy MTL depending on what city it was in) and the lineup was mostly metalcore with some very big thrash bands (Overkill, Megadeth, etc.). People asked me if I went and I responded with it's not my kind of music.

      Have fun in Heidenfest! A 12 hour train ride sounds pretty crazy lol, but I'm sure it'll be worth it. Also that viking cap sounds great :P I wish I had something like that, I don't even have cool wigs!