Monday, October 8, 2012

Metal Music Video Mondays: Cyber Girl by Xe-NONE

These guys are crazy. I don't mean crazy good or anything like that, they're just not right in the head. But that's why I love them. Xe-NONE brings something new to the table: dance metal! They took a break from posting their absolutely dreadful live performances (I'm sorry!) to post a new music video for their year-old album.

I have to say, the video actually starts off pretty good. It has a lot of cool effects and it feels like it's going to get pretty epic. Then... it kind of goes downhill. Not really much happens except for the band playing their song in a completely poster-filled room. Especially bad are the scenes showing vocalist Lexy Dance with some guy standing in the background just trying to stay out of the shot.

Regardless, this song and band is pure fun. I like Lexy's dance moves halfway through the song and the rest of the band seems to be enjoying themselves. I had also never heard this song in Russian, so that's something new. They should get around to making a new album, but after that I expect to see more videos.

-Zombie Viking


  1. For me there is no metal there, maybe some industrial stuff. techno-era glam metal? xD

    Hey, I know your pain with exams-gigs, I have a Dragonforce live show IN MY VERY HOMETOWN in November and I have an exam the next day :D But I think I will go to see the show regardless

  2. I like Xe-NONE because they're a hybrid. It's part metal, part dance, part insanity. Plus they're cheesy enough for me to enjoy it :)

    Oh man, that sucks about the concert. I won't have my exam schedule until the beginning of December so it's a tense waiting game for me.. If you do decide to go (and I do think that will be an awesome concert), good luck on your exam the next day, lol.