Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jari's Master Plan

I recently discovered an unexpected side effect of listening to Time I. It makes everything epic. Perhaps too epic. Just walking down the street, it is almost unnoticeable since I always listen to music walking to and from places. However, doing other mundane objects like making food or taking a piss...
Jari you trickster!

Now that almost everything I do is epic, I feel senses of accomplishment where I shouldn't. Sure, I may be all joyous now, but when someone tells me I did literally nothing different from any other day in my life, that's where I can feel the full weight of the situation. I become less productive and reward myself more because everything I do feels like an accomplishment. My productivity has come to a halt and I find myself writing in the blog I said less than a week ago that I would abandon.

Maybe this was Jari's plan all along. Maybe he's trying to stop time altogether. Surely everyone would notice if he was to execute his plan all at once, so he split it up into smaller pieces! Once Time II is released, everything will come to a grinding halt. We'll all feel so unmotivated to do anything because any little event will be met with a standing ovation and the most epic soundtrack known to man. I'm on to you Jari. I will personally put a warning label on every copy of Time II that reads "caution: take in small doses". The ball is in your court.

-Zombie Viking

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  1. Jari is truly a legend. Even without his amazing voice (clean vocals on Time I <3 ) and ultra amazing skill with guitar he would be a legend. His mind that allows him to compose & write music. I mean, who else would think that arround (I didn't hear clearly) 1062 tracks for a one song would be a good idea? xD Sons of Winter and Stars with instrumental intro can be considered as an 16min album itself.. Though Time is my favourite on this album (intro lyrics, piano outro, main riff- everything's fucking perfect).

    Elias from Sonata told me about his meeting with Jari when Jari was working at Time I- he was just small and felt nervous just by talking to him xD I think I've done a better job talking to Jari after the show (and surprised him with bottle of vodka and Pathfinder's cd xDxD)