Saturday, November 3, 2012

Christian Balestorm

This is why you go to concerts on Halloween.

-Zombie Viking


  1. I'm back & tired from Sonata's first show in Poland, it was quite good but seeing Wintersun last week was kinda cruel to Sonata Arctica :D

    Battle Beast opened the show with a lot of powerful songs, reminded me Winterborn in 2009 but way more better, with awesome guitar solos and strong female screaming vocals. I was trying my best not to kill the audience because at first they were wooden :/ But in the end the audience was ok and I apologised for the audience to the vocalist lady after the show and she was cool with that, also got her autograph.

    Sonata was strong as ever with very strange and fresh setlist with The Gun and acoustic Dead Skin, not to mention good old Black Sheep and Broken . New stuff is ok live, especially Losing my Insanity and I Have a Right. I can't complain with an 1,5 hour headliner's show and about 1 hour support show ^^

    Strange thing after the show- Sonata came out to see their fans but AFTER 3 HOURS (I was so tired&hungry&cold then) so from nearly 40 fans only 26 had stayed to actually see the band. Got mine Days of Grays signed and I also took 5 pictures with every band member, had a great chat with Elias (he talks funny in English, with looong pauses (his English is fine, I think he is rethinking every sentence before saying it xD), no wonder he doesn't speak much in interviews :D). We've talked about Stratovarius, Wintersun (he played as a 15 years old kid with Kai Hahto :D Also told me about him meeting Jari Maenpaa for the first time- Short version- he felt veeery small talking with Jari xD). Also for a "goodbye" he told me the only sentence in Polish he knows (Kurwa Mać- whore's mother) - priceless xD

  2. Wow, every concert you go to seems so epic xD

    I should check out Battle Beast. I've seen a few videos online of them but haven't really looked up any of their songs.

    Do you just hang around after the set is over and wait for the band to come out? I always leave pretty quickly after concerts because it's really late and the public transportation sucks here at night. If I waited around the venue for too long, I may even have to walk all the way home (which I almost did at the Alestorm concert). Though it might be worth it just to talk to some of the awesome bands and get autographs and stuff.

  3. Don't You have taxi on the other side of the ocean? xDxD
    On every show that I care I try to stay until the band comes out, sometimes they don't talk to the fans, sometimes they do. Also a great survival- standing and freezing Your ass off (as with Wintersun) or starving to death (as with Sonata's 3 hours) late at night with almost no hope for getting stuff signed, it really tests your devotion to the band. And also helps to understand how the band treats their fans.

    It's really worth it, I was amazed that people like Jari Maenpaa and Tony Kakko came out to take pictures and talk. It made me feel proud to be their big fan, you know?

    in 3 weeks I will see Dragonforce live, I'm not a big fan (I was a hater once) but they play in my home city so I won't have to spend 8+ hours on the train. Also they have a nice support, polish band Chain Reaction (very unknown) and honestly I'm excited more to see the support than the headliner :D But I will stay after the gig, let's see if Dragonforce treats their fans nicely and sign stuff :D Also bringing a shitload of my friends (4 xD) so I guess I will have a quality time anyway :D