Monday, March 25, 2013

Finntroll - Blodsvept Album Review

The title track to Finntroll's latest, Blodvept was released on the internet a few weeks back. Listening to it, it sounds like good old Finntroll. The song is catchy and heavy, everything the band is known for. Listening to it, you think you'd be ready for the album. You'd be dead wrong. Blodsvept is a great song, but it sounds like it could be on any one of Finntroll's previous albums. This album, though, is something unexpectedly amazing and unique in its own right.

Blodsvept is the tried and true Finntroll formula you know a love, but with a few great changes. And the end result is something better than I would have ever guessed. The album focuses more on dividing the different elements of the music - the folk and the metal. Previous albums sort of mixed everything into one hectic package, blaring catchy folk tunes behind crazy guitars and drums. In Blodsvept, the folk parts shine in their own right, alongside the metal. There are many more moments where all the guitars and drums cut out and all that's left is lovely folk music (and usually Vreth's brutal vocals). This all combines for a damn catchy album. Seriously, there isn't a bad song on this thing! I especially love songs like Rösets Kung and Skogsdotter where you can hear the trumpets, banjo and every other unorthodox instrument loudly and clearly, separated from the metal.

The whole album gives off the great humppa vibe that Finntroll is known for. But overall it sounds somewhat different from the previous albums. That's always been a staple of a good band, one that can make every album sound different while still keeping a (good) staple sound. Every songs presents the dilemma of not knowing whether to dance or to bang your head. There's a nice mix of upbeat party songs and extremely catchy folky songs. Every song has the same crazy amount of energy to it. Honestly, I have nothing bad to say about Blodsvept.
Even the album art is awesome!
I'll be the first to admit that Finntroll isn't among my favourite artists. They're definitely a great band (why else would I be listening to them?), but there's always been something that's stopped me from loving them. It looks like that's all going to change now. Blodsvept is an amazing effort from the Finnish folk metallers that never disappoints. Listening through for the first time, I kept waiting for the song that I wouldn't like. There's always at least one song on a Finntroll album that I don't enjoy for whatever reason, whether it's too slow or there's so much going on that it becomes muddled. But this song never came. Like I said previously, there really isn't a bad song on the album, every song is unique and catchy.

The only reason I can see for someone not liking Blodsvept is if they don't like Finntroll as a band. They've always been one of the heavier folk metal bands and that doesn't change here. But anyone who enjoys folk metal or any of Finntroll's previous music should listen to Blodsvept. Like, right now. Go, buy it or find it online. This review's over.

-Zombie Viking

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