Monday, March 18, 2013

Late Update News: Statovarius Releases New Album, is Awesome

Things don't seem to be going too well
It's been over a week and I still haven't listened to all the songs from Stratovarius' new album Nemesis. But the songs that I have heard are pretty darn awesome. Especially the moment last night where I just had my music playing through and Out of the Fog came on. And I was blown away. I mean, Stratovarius is good, but they have a limited amount of amazing songs. This was one of them. That and Fantasy are my favourite songs that I've actually heard from the album.

It's not all great though. Like too many other power metal bands, Stratovarius decides to squeeze in some slow songs and ballads. Lots of people like that crap. I am not one of them. Just a matter of taste I suppose. I enjoy my music aggressive and fast paced, with the occasional slow song if it's really really good.

This is far from an album review, but go check out the album yourself. They've even made a music video for Halcyon Days. The song? Great. The video? Uhh, the transitions into all the different shirts are cool I guess. There's not really much else in the video besides the band playing, as bands tend to do, so I give it a big meh. But you should watch it anyway! Just click right here:

I'm just doing the uninitiated a public service. You're welcome.
-Zombie Viking


  1. I had it a day after the premiere so it was awesome :D

    I must say it really beats all the Strato albums I have and had a good listen to, so it's better than Infinite, Intermission, Elements 1&2 and Polaris. But I like "that crap" You are talking about so yeah :D

    But the first 5 songs were really amazing to me, from Abadon to Fantasy it just beats every power metal album I've ever listened to, NO ALBUM before had first 5 songs so damn good. Fantasy is a REALLY CHEESY song but it's cheesyness reminded me why do I love Power Metal so much for years. The rest of the album is awesome too, yet not as good as first 5 songs :P

    The ballad is fine, propably You don't like it but lyrics are top notch. Fantasy and Fireborn are my fav tracks, the only complaint I have is the lack of something like Elysium from Elysium- an over 7 minutes long epic track, Nemesis (track) is just too short for me :P I expected a song like Infinite, Visions, Elysium or Fantasia..

    But anyway, 94% in my score, best Strato album I have ^_^

    1. Oh man, Fantasy, that's the song that I meant was one of my favourites, not Nemesis. I don't even think I've listened to Nemesis yet.. Or maybe I have.. oh well. Fantasy is a really good song. I love that power metal cheese :P

      I have a short attention span so I can't really listen to any ballads without losing interest. And even though I have lots of songs in my library that are 7 minutes and longer, they're all pretty fast for the most part. A long and slow song just doesn't mix well with me for some reason.