Saturday, March 30, 2013

Listen to Starkill, Now

So Starkill, the band I'm going to be seeing with Hypocrisy in a few weeks, just released a new music video from their upcoming album, Fires of Life. And if you're not currently watching it, check it out! This is just good melodic death metal.

I actually found out recently that Starkill is the renaming of a band I had previously had my eye on, Massakren. If you haven't heard their stuff, check it out. It definitely has a more black metal tinge than their more recent music. The song above also has a couple Dimmu-sounding sections. It's all good. Honestly, I'm just pumped that a band I had previously found and thought was awesome has rebranded into something bigger and better. I'm also excited that I'll get to see them live!

I mean sure, Starkill's music isn't amazing or anything, but it's damn solid. Throw in a few great solos and you have yourself a quality band. That's what makes for something long lasting. If a band completely blows me away on first listen, there's a much greater chance that I'll grow out of them quickly. But if I hear a band and think they're solid, I'll most likely grow fonder of them over time and I'll probably still be listening to them in a few years. So check out Starkill.

-Zombie Viking

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