Monday, July 30, 2012

Metal Mondays: Gloryhammer

Aha! A second week and a second Metal Monday. I'm on a roll here. If two counts as a roll of course.. Hope you enjoyed the past week of posts and I hope you stick around for another.

Genre: Heroic Fantasy Power Metal
Country: Scotland

I present to you Gloryhammer, the epic band from the mastermind behind Alestorm, Christopher Bowes. This week's band has yet to release even a single track. Instead, they've been building up a cult following on Facebook. (Does 3000 count as a cult following?) What have they been doing with this newfound power? Well, teasing their debut album of course! Dudes have to make money somehow.

The members of this band all come from various fantasy-themed bands (Sorcerer's Spell, Emerald, Alestorm.. pirates count as fantasy, right?). They have promised nothing but epic music, and for that there is reason to be excited. Especially with the mountain of crap that Napalm Records has been putting out, this band looks like a needle in a haystack (of crap). I wish I could say more about them but that's literally all I know.. This video is the only (un)official video of the band.

Keep your eyes posted to these sites for any new info:

And be sure to check out their debut album, Tales from the Kingdom of Fife when it hits shelves in... soon. I'm sure it'll be good. After all, Christopher Bowes has proven himself with masterpieces such as this.

Bringing you nothing but epicness since a week ago,
-Zombie Viking

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