Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why I Watch Superhero Movies

Who is this guy?
I wouldn't say I'm particularly into superheroes. I've never read a comic book or graphic novel and don't know the majority of Marvel or DC characters. The only real way I know about these characters is from video games. Trust me, I played the hell out of Spiderman 2 and Arkham Asylum among others. However, I just have to go and check out every new superhero movie.

I want to give kudos to Marvel for their great implementation of a cinematic universe.Despite the fact that each movie on its own sucked, they were all able to tie in to a much grander (and grandeur) story. The real fun behind these movies is finding out about the bigger universe. I'm sure a die hard comics fan will get a lot more out of these movies than I will, but going on the internet and reading up about these characters adds to the cinematic experience. I hopped on the internet the moment I got home from seeing Amazing Spiderman to see what theories there were about the after credits scene.

Maybe it was emo Spidey out for revenge.
The majority of super hero movies follow the same cookie-cutter formula. Start with an average guy who has some notable flaw and a whole lot of spirit, something illogical happens to him, something illogical happens to someone else, illogical character arc, awesome fight scene, good guy wins, throw in a touch of pathos and bake until ready. After seeing the success of Watchmen and the Dark Knight trilogy, could someone else please make a unique super hero movie? If it weren't for the larger story, I think the only Avengers movie I'd watch is Thor (because he's the most metal).

Super hero movies by themselves are terrible. But when studios decide to do something different (such as a cinematic universe or just mixing up the damn formula), they can become truly super. Let the bitter taste of that cliched pun sit for a bit. Enjoy.

-Zombie Viking

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