Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Small Collection of Alt Art: Inaugural Edition

As it turns out, alternative artwork was the main source of traffic on my previous blog. With that being closed down and me still having the pictures saved, I figured I'd repost them here. Expect to see a new one of these every so often. Click "read more" to see the rest of the images.

-Zombie Viking


  1. Hi there person, I've noticed some great bands here like Pathfinder, Powerwolf, Korpiklaani, Finntroll and TrollfesT, but I haven't seen a single note about Wintersun, be sure to correct that as this is propably the most amazing mix between power,folk and melodic death metal, technically matching Pathfinder and Galneryus but with better lyrics.

    I have 1 question- I can see you are pretty devoted metalhead, but do you actually buy band's cds?

    1. Hello Rhodi,

      Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! I do actually mention Wintersun in the bottom of my "One Man Bands" post as it initially started as Jari's side project. I agree that they are an amazing band. Once there is some more news, like a music video or the actual release of Time 1, I expect to make a post about it.

      I do buy CDs of bands that I want to support. It's not the biggest collection by any means but it is definitely a collection. In fact, Wintersun is one of the CDs I own.

      I hope you like this blog and continue to keep checking it out!

      -Zombie Viking

  2. Sure, why not. Buying cds is pretty damn important for a true metalhead and I'm glad that you don't kill the bands you like (like many kindermetalheads who download tons of music for free). I have Jari's Wintersun album too, but it was pretty damn expensive. I'm very proud of mine collection of all TrollfesT albums (first 2 are super hard to obtain).

    Thanks for mentioning Pathfinder as it is unknown to a lot power metal fans and I'm doing my best to correct that, I myself didn't know it before 2012 even though I'm Polish, they are very badly promoted in their home country, but propably because of poor Power Metal scene here.

    And thanks for bringing Gloryhammer to my attention, I didn't know it before and I love parody bands as much as I love good power and folk metal.

  3. I agree on supporting bands that you like. Going to concerts is also pretty important. I try to go to every band that I like that actually comes over to Canada. I'm sure it's a lot less than Poland though. I'm pretty jealous of Europe as a whole because of all the awesome festivals you guys get to have.

    Congrats on the first two TrollfesT albums! I can't say I have any rare albums in my collection but I do have a few from lesser-known artists.

    I mention a lot of bigger metal bands so that I can ensure recognition from readers, but I also try to get the name out there of some lesser-known bands. Pathfinder is just too awesome to not mention, same with Gloryhammer. Check back every Monday, I'll be mentioning a new band.

    I also do enjoy parody bands, or just bands that don't take themselves seriously. A good portion of the bands I listen to were added to my library simply because they made me laugh.

    -Zombie Viking

  4. True, a lot of great concerts take place in Europe but Poland has/had some issues with them, many artists skip my country for some unknown reason (For Sonata Arctica I was forced to go to Stockholm to see them live, they didn't give us a single show, even when they shoot a music video here, Dragonforce doesn't play here either) but we have Heidenfest since 2011 and Metalfest since 2012 , and Heidenfest 2011 was totally fucking amazing with Skalmold, Arkona, Trollfest, Alestorm, Turisas and Finntroll.
    Recently (last Tuesday) I saw Amon Amarth Anniversary show, when they played without supports for 2 hours and 20 minutes, about 23 songs. Pretty damn epic show. But concerts for me aren't super easy, as most of them take place in Warsaw and I have to spend 7 hours on the train to get there.

  5. Aw man that sucks. Poland is starting to sound like Canada now, except that you guys have a lot more awesome bands. Heidenfest sounds pretty metal. I went to Paganfest earlier this year and it had Alestorm, Arkona and Turisas.

    And I can just imagine how great the Amon Amarth concert was. I went to an Amon Amarth concert where they were the only band playing a bit ago. It was by far the best concert of my life!

    I'm lucky that I live in Toronto. Some people I know have to make a 2-3 hour trip if they want to see a big concert. 7 hours sounds ridiculous though.