Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Folk Metal

Shortly after writing my folk metal post yesterday, I realized there are quite a few lesser-known folk metal bands that I feel I should at least mention. Hey, if you liked any of the bands I gave yesterday, maybe you'll find something new.

One band I've been listening to nonstop lately is Svartsot. They're a folk metal band with a flute. A flute. A little tiny pan flute that plays in the background of most of their songs. How cute!

Equilibrium is another folk metal band just on the cusp of being considered popular. The don't usually have any folk instruments, but the music is fast and catchy. Definitely check them out if you like Ensiferum. And be sure to check out Arafel, a small band from Israel that Equilibrium's old vocalist is now a part of.

Now for some aptly named Pagan Metal. It's sort of a mix of black and folk. And deals with paganism.. I know I'm not very good at explaining it so I'll let the music speak for itself.

The quality isn't really the best because the genre as a whole isn't too popular. Which is something that should be changed! Bigger pagan metal bands include Wolfchant (as posted above), Varg, Moonsorrow, Black Messiah and Heidvolk (check these guys out if you want something a bit different).

That's all I can think of now. I'm sure I missed something but oh well. I hope no folk metal maniacs leave a flaming hurdy gurdy at my doorstep for missing their favourite band.

-Zombie Viking

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