Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grindcore: A Pretty Brutal Genre

I want to start off this post by clearing up a common misconception. No, grindcore is not metal. That does not mean it isn't awesome or that you should hate every band in a -core genre. It just means that it isn't metal.
So br00tal
I like to think of grindcore as a subgenre or offshoot of hardcore punk, relating it with metalcore and deathcore. In reality, it's a sort of fusion genre, combining all sorts of extreme music (extreme metal included). Grindcore songs are characterized by very harsh vocals and fast, down-tuned instruments. Lyrics can range from death metal-esque violence to political commentary to absolutely none at all. Some bands just have a vocalist for the hell of it, not shouting anything specific. Drums are usually played in blast beats, which the genre itself popularized. Grindcore is also known for the microsong. Songs are sometimes under a minute in length. A grindcore song over three minutes is rare. Bands such as Napalm Death and Carcass are credited with starting the genre. Since then it has enjoyed... almost no success.

Grindcore is a silly genre. Due to its underground status, bands can pretty much do anything they want. Bands such as Anal Cunt attempt to be as offensive as possible. Napalm Death holds the world record for shortest song (You Suffer is 1.316 seconds long). There are even themed bands like Milking the Goatmachine who, you guessed it, wear goat masks and sing about goats. And the fans love it. Also their vocalist is their drummer.

I have at times dabbled in grindcore, but it is not a genre for me. There's just something about having structure in songs that appeals to me. There are a few bands from grindcore fusion genres though that I do enjoy. Benighted, who I posted about a bit ago, Misery Index and Anaal Nathrakh are all deathgrind bands. It's the furiosity of grindcore combined with the structure of death metal.

While it is not a genre of metal, grindcore is still pretty metal. And by that I mean awesome. There is just so much fun to be had when the bands don't care about anything besides brutality.

-Zombie Viking


  1. Meh, when I want to brutalize myself I go to Infidel Amsterdam's channel, he knows some seriously brutal death metal bands (and some kinky Melodic Death stuff to, me likey :D ) . Grindcore just doesn't do it for me, from other genres I prefer hard rock, pop rock and pop xDxD (ok, from pop there's only ABBA, they made me take interest in music, awesome stuff, I love it for over 15 years now)

  2. Yay! I love Milking the Goatmachine! With that aside, I love all kinds of metal, including grindcore (I include it as a subgenre of metal)

    1. Hey Nate! Milking the Goatmachine is a hilarious band.

      While I don't consider grindcore to be metal, I'm not critical of others who do. It's still awesome music no matter what you want to classify it as!