Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vikings vs Zombies

So I was recently Googling the pseudonym I use here, Zombie Viking, when I came across something interesting. Turns out Vikings vs. Zombies is (sort of) an actual movie. Now, the thing is in pre-production and currently has no investors so I doubt it'll end up getting made any time soon. The thing that caught my attention though was the inclusion of Dragonheads by Ensiferum in the trailer. These guys know how to make a viking movie! If the movie does get made, and keeps the viking metal, I'd see it on soundtrack alone. Here's the official movie site: . It's not much, but it does have the trailer which I have also embedded below.

-Zombie Viking


  1. I am happy to say as one of the directors of the film, we being production next month with Lloyd Kaufman and Debbie Rochon on Torma fame. We got funding and the whole film is backed with viking metal. Thanks for the write up and we hope to keep you posted :) Rock on!

  2. Wow, so many typos lol. begin* production. AND Troma*, please email us we'd love to have some communication about promoting your blog and vise versa. Your blog rocks. Thanks again!

    1. Hey Greg, thanks for the kind words about the blog! Unfortunately, due to university I haven't really kept it updated and haven't posted anything for months.

      You didn't leave a contact email for yourself, lol. But if you can, email me at about setting up some sort of communication between us. When I do have time to focus on this blog again (probably in a couple months or so), I'll definitely dedicate some posts to your awesome movie!