Monday, August 6, 2012

Metal Mondays: Pathfinder

Well how about this. For my third Metal Monday in a row, I feature a power metal band. Next week will be a different genre, I swears it.

Genre: Power Metal
Country: Poland

The first thing I realized about Pathfinder while trying to find pictures for this post is that there are tons of things named Pathfinder. I mean, it's a cool name and all, but maybe they should have chosen something more unique. Like Finderpath.

Pathfinder was started in 2006 by bass player and composer (ooo, fancy title) Arkadiusz Ruth. They play very symphonic and epic power metal. They are apparently heavily influenced by Rhapsody (of Fire), but besides both bands being beyond epic, I don't really see the "heavily" influenced part. Needless to say, if you like Rhapsody you will like Pathfinder and vice versa.

So far they've released two albums; Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time and Fifth Element. Recurring themes include space, time, being beyond both, elements and metal. This is not a band that takes itself seriously, which is always nice to see. Metal should not be taken seriously. The music itself is very layered and experiments with all sorts of interesting stuff. A typical Pathfinder song will go from a symphonic intro to blazing guitars to a Dragonforce-esque solo to female vocals and more symphonicness. Check it out for yourself:

Besides the words "epic" and "very", there isn't too much to describe about this band. They've been around for a couple years and released a couple of albums. I think the music speaks for itself. And I hope they continue to release great albums for many years to come.

-Zombie Viking

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