Monday, August 27, 2012

Metal Mondays: Korpiklaani

 I'm pretty sure half of my library is from Finland. Those guys make great metal.

Featuring them and promoting their new album. These guys should thank me.
Genre: Folk Metal
Country: Finland

If you like drinking, Korpiklaani may be just the band for you. They are a happy, high-energy folk metal band. No ifs ands or buts about it. In fact, they started out as a purely folk band and made their way into the metal world. Korpiklaani's first incarnation was as the band Shaman in 1997. It was formed by frontman Jonne Järvelä and stemmed from another folk project he had going on. Jonne Järvelä is actually the only founding member left in Korpiklaani. It makes sense though, considering the whole thing is pretty much his ideas and efforts. Korpiklaani was formed from the ashes of Shaman in 2003, keeping all of the folk instruments but adding some much needed metal. The folk can be seen even in their name, Korpiklaani means "forest clan" in Finnish.

Korpiklaani's songs are mostly about drinking and having fun. Songs by them include Wooden Pints, Beer Beer, Happy Little Boozer, Let's Drink, Vodka, Bring Us Pints of Beer and Tequila. They also have an accordion and violin as part of their lineup, with much more folk instruments thrown in when appropriate. Needless to say, these guys enjoy what they do.

That also shows in the amount of music they create. So far, Korpiklaani has released 8 albums. There's pretty much a new one every year. I don't know how they find the time to tour and write so much new music. Especially with such a big band (I would assume it makes everyone more difficult to manage). They are actually touring right now to promote their new album. I guess after the show they go backstage and write some new songs. After all, they just have to write about what they're drinking or how much they're partying and their next hit single is released.


-Zombie Viking


  1. I've always treated them as weaker Alestorm, or less extreme TrollfesT, not excellent but very good (I even have their patch on my jacket). Women love Korpiklaani, I've met a shitload of female fans of this band.

  2. I absolutely love Korpiklaani :) they're so great and I like that you see that they have so much fun!

  3. They are one of my favorite bands. I will see them live in October for the second time and I´m so glad about it :DDD live they are such awesome I don't know how to describe it :D

  4. See? Told ya women love it xD I shall see them too at Heidenfest, just before WINTER - THE REALM OF ETERNAL ICE

  5. Man I wish Heidenfest was coming to Canada.

    But I agree with everyone, Korpiklaani is an awesome band :)