Friday, May 24, 2013

Good Workout Metal #2 Eluveitie

Folk metal, you ask, isn't that just weird Finnish people prancing around in fields of daisies? Yes, I answer, there is quite a bit of that, but if you look just past the surface a whole new world opens up. Finntroll and Eluveitie are perhaps two of the heaviest folk metal bands you'll find in this so-called "new world". They also happen to be two of the most popular. Odd how that works out. While we're on the topic of working out though, let me tell you about Eluveitie. I'm sure Finntroll works too, but it's slightly harder due to their bridges and sometimes odd song structure.

Pictured: Daises. Dammit guys, get out of there!

There really is no feeling like pumping iron and hearing a flute in one ear and a freaking hurdy-gurdy in the other while some grizzled dreadlocks guy screams over everything at the top of his lungs. Then they throw in some grandpa's guitars for no reason. Hey Chrigel, you're not Swedish, you're no Skwisgar. You want to know how I know that? Name a popular folk metal band from Sweden. It's like those guys aren't trying hard enough. They've got the whole viking mythology thing down pat, just look at Amon Amarth. It seems to be combining that with classic folk instruments that they stop dead in their tracks. Sweden should learn a thing or two from Finland in that regard. Though I'm sure Finland could learn some things from Sweden as well. Either way, they both make some pretty awesome metal. Where is Eluveitie from again? Oh, right, Switzerland...

Now for this sound in your ear that I was previously talking about. The words are in a mysterious and extinct language, unless you're listening to an album other than Spirit in which case it's pretty much all English. There's at least 40 different instruments playing at any given time except for the "metal" sections, which are pretty much 50% of the song and consist solely of guitars and drums. It seems that the only thing Eluveitie is consistent with is their inconsistency. Honestly, I would strongly recommend that you listen to Helvetios if you plan on working out with certain songs from Slania and Spirit thrown in because the other two albums are way too slow and folky to work out with. Only certain songs from their first two albums though, since the band does get pretty in touch with Mother Earth at some parts. Those hippies.

Helivetios is definitely the best album to throw on your iPod if you're heading to the gym. It, more than any other Eluveitie album, is just a constant barrage of melodeath. I've said this in the past but this is not a bad thing, it just gets a bit tiring listening to the whole thing in one sitting. That being said, if you're going to work out, you're going to be tired anyway so a full sitting of Helvetios is just what the doctor ordered. It's great music to pump you up. The guitars are heavy and Chrigel's voice is like a shot of pure adrenaline. The folk instruments just serve to make the songs more catchy and to give everything some variety. It's all good.

Eluveitie is not just great folk metal, it's also good workout metal and for that they get a cool post on my blog. Keep it heavy brothers and sisters.

-Zombie Viking

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