Monday, May 27, 2013

Metal on the Side Mondays: Wolfchant

It's no secret that I love me some folk metal. But sometimes I'm in the mood for something a little heavier while still keeping all the pagan themes I know and love. Sometimes I'm in the mood for an awesome band known as Wolfchant.

Wolfchant is a pagan metal band from Germany and they make great music. I don't know what happens over there, but there seems to be a constant stream of amazing bands coming from that country. Must be something in their milk. Wolfchant is also a huge band, with 7 current members. For comparison, that's as many as Eluveitie. So what's Wolfchant's deal? Do they also have someone playing the hurdy-gurdy? Well, no not really. See, Wolfchant is more focused on the pagan and black metal side of their music and slightly less on the folk. The band consists of two guitarists, a drummer, bassist, keyboardist, vocalist and.. a second vocalist?

Observant readers may remember that I hate bands with two vocalists with all of my blackened heart, but these guys are different. First of all, both vocalists are damn awesome. Lokhi takes care of the harsh vocals, snarling every word like a rabid wolf. He also previously played bass in addition to taking on vocal duties before the band got a full time bassist, so the band is already forgiven in my book. Playing an instrument as well as doing vocals immediately takes them off my list. However, the band didn't even have a second vocalist at the time. Nortwin didn't appear until the Determined Damnation album and didn't join the band until the year after it was released. He sings the deep clean vocals, giving the songs a more epic feel and allowing me to sing along when no one is around. Huge props to the band for mixing up their sound and keeping things fresh. As if that wasn't enough, Nortwin is also the lead vocalist of another great band by the name of Rebellion. Check them out, seriously, they're great. While two vocalists would be a detractor from any other band, Wolfchant rocks it like it's nobody's business.

I can't just post one song so here's another:

Wolfchant's songs are about typical paganism, being awesome, wars and drinking. Each album sounds quite different with the band trying new things each time. As I mentioned previously, both vocalists are awesome and the songs are epic and catchy. They currently have 5 albums under their belt so you have plenty to choose from. Though I suggest listening to their most recent, Embraced by Fire, and working your way backwards. The most recent two albums are their best in my opinion, but everything is worth listening to at least once if you've got the time.

Out of the bands I listen to with a wolf theme, Wolfchant seems to embrace it the least. Powerwolf centers their entire image around wolves and Varg makes sure to include a few on each album cover. What Wolfchant does have though, is that their logo sort of looks like a wolf a bit, but even that's been changed with their most recent album.


They do have a couple songs about wolves such as Stormwolves, Under the Wolves' Banner and Die Nacht der Wölfe (I assume since I can't speak German), and the album cover for A Pagan Storm does in fact have a wolf on it, so I guess they're aware of their name at least. But wolves are awesome and this band is awesome so it's surprising that they don't embrace it more. Get it, that's a word from the album title. I'm so funny.

Normally I'd put in some criticism somewhere in a post about a band, but I can't really think of any. My only real complaint is that Determined Damnation was a bit weaker than their other albums, but to fix that situation I just listen to their other albums instead. And you should too, because Wolfchant is a great band that deserves your attention. My other complaint would be about their lack of youtube channel or label's youtube channel. Come on guys, it's like you're relying on people like me to spread your wonderful music. Oh well, I guess it's my duty then to give you the following links.

You can find Wolfchant at the following places:

-Zombie Viking

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