Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wintersun is Coming Back to Toronto!

Yes, you read that right. Yesterday the band confirmed the concert via Facebook. That's right, one of the best bands I've ever seen in concert is coming back, and it's at a convenient time for me! It's not in the middle of exams. Heck, it's not even on a weekday.

Come back to me!
There is one small decision I have to make though. This concert on August 11th is the day before Finntroll comes to play at the exact same venue. Should I skip the Finntroll concert? (Skipping Wintersun is out of the question) Should I just sleep at the Opera House? There's also the possibility of going to Heavy MTL that same weekend, which both of the bands (plus Amon Amarth and some other cool guys) are playing at. Though those tickets are pretty darn expensive at $135 and I'd have to endure some of the not-so-metal bands. Decisions decisions... All things considered though, the Heavy MTL lineup is pretty damn awesome compared to previous years. There's actually quite a few big name metal bands and no Slipknot. It's probably the closest I'll ever get to a true European metal festival. Until I go to Europe of course. Maybe one day...

Well, I'll definitely be posting here which concerts I do end up buying tickets for. And afterwards, you can expect to see my full impressions, right here on this great blog.

-Zombie Viking

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