Saturday, May 18, 2013

Reanimate Todd

I don't normally throw money at things, I'm a very frugal person. But this is for a good cause. This is for Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. If you haven't heard of the show, first read my post about it and then go watch all of the episodes. All of them. It's a small quirky show that was ended before its time.

The show is Canadian, which is already a cool thing. It also has a nice dosage of metal coursing through its veins. The show itself is a gory journey about highschool kids (sometimes) attempting to rid the world of the mysterious Book of Pure Evil, or just to find out its secrets. And it's hilarious. What's not to like?

I love you guys!
If you actually clicked that link and read my previous post about the show, you'll notice that I mentioned the third season was in TV purgatory. Well, things haven't improved much since then. The team has cancelled plans to do a third season but is instead raising money to make an animated feature-length to wrap up the story. The campaign is over on indiegogo. Consider giving them a buck or two if you like what you see. I know I did. Be sure to spread that link around too, time is running out. At the time of this post, there's only 21 days left in the campaign. Get these guys as much money as you can!

If you're still not convinced, see what the cast has to say about the whole thing. They explain everything better than I ever could. Click here. Or just watch this video, you lazy person.

-Zombie Viking

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