Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Many Languages of Metal

One of the great things about listening to folk metal is that most bands have lyrics in their native tongue. It brings an extra element to the music that you won't find anywhere else. Just recently though, I noticed just how many languages I actually listen to and it's pretty crazy. Check this list out:
  1. English (obviously)
  2. Swedish (Finntroll)
  3. Norwegian (Iskald)
  4. Finnish (Korpiklaani)
  5. German (Varg)
  6. Russian (Arkona)
  7. French (Benighted)
  8. Italian (Rhapsody of Fire)
  9. Danish (Svartsot)
  10. Gaulish (Eluveitie)
  11. Latin (Powerwolf)
  12. Greek (Rotting Christ)
I only speak one of those languages and I'll let you guess which one.I just think it's great that someone who doesn't understand any of the lyrics apart from one or two words can listen to and enjoy a song. If you want to hear what songs sound like in any of the languages above, check out the bands. There's a reason I gave examples.

-Zombie Viking

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